About Us

Immense Ideas, Relentless Innovation

Globally, Cyber Security has assumed significance as a Boardroom Subject, spanning all Industry Verticals and Business Models. Many organizations are in the process of adopting a series of technology solutions, mostly on the recommendation of a consultant or the OEM itself. The reality is that technology adoption alone cannot enhance your ability to detect early, defend better, or respond effectively to emerging cyber threats, thanks to the ever-evolving nature of threats and the ever-expanding attack surface on a real-time basis.

Tecplix has pioneered a unique set of consulting-led services to circumvent this problem and make your cyber resilience real-time and future-proof. Partnering with us enables our customers to bring five key aspects in alignment with respect to any key decisions in this regard: Business, People, Process, Technology, and Finances. We help our customers choose the best-fit technology stacks, protect and enhance the existing infrastructure, predict costs, and bring in a set of real-time measures and controls to keep their cyber resilience quotient high—a clear indicator of how immune their business is against cyber threats. We believe this can further enhance their business by enabling them to focus more on delivering value to customers and other stakeholders and, in the long run, making their business stand apart in the marketplace.

Core Values

Crafting values through experiences

To be the change leader in Transforming Business models across the Globe, in our constant endeavor to create a better Planet

We enable our customers to make the best use of Disruptive Technologies, to innovate and excel in their businesses

  • Our People, are our greatest assets
  • Customer Centricity, is what defines Us
  • We strive to resolve through ideation and out-of-the-box thinking, every time
  • We walk the talk, Always
  • We provide equal opportunities, to every stakeholder in our business
  • We practice boundarylessness in our thinking
  • We believe in giving back to the society, to the best of our abilities

What Makes us Unique?


We are Technology Agnostic


Global Expertise coupled with Local Delivery Models


We propose the most advanced, yet the “Best-Fit” Solutions


We emphasize on Protecting Your Investments


We help you to Predict the Costs


We create better Executive Visibility and enable direct correlation to Business Impacts


We prepare you to enhance your Cyber Defense Readiness and fortify your Cyber Resilience, with Real-Time Simulations


We Future-Proof your critical Cyber Security Architecture

Our Team