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Dr. Shubhamangala Sunil

Dr. Shubhamangala is one of the leading Cyber Security experts in India. Over her career spanning 20 years, she has managed and delivered information security projects and services to organizations ranging from SMEs to Global Enterprises. She has also worked extensively with Public Sector Organizations and various Government Departments in India, Australia, USA, Middle East and South-East Asia. She has been an advisor to various Government functionaries including the Supreme Court of India, The Indian Navy and NTPC.
Her expertise spans across Technical Training, Syllabus Building, Cyber Security Auditing, Forensics, Cyber Policy Building, Implementation and acting as a Consultant in cyber law, assisting in the cyberspace, irrespective of the Sector or Domain. Currently, she is National Cyber Safety and Security Standards Technical Committee Member and a Certified Anti-terrorism Specialist.
As a recognized Consultant in Cyberspace, she speaks regularly at industry conferences like the APWG, STC of USA, NASSCOM, ASSOCHAM, FKCCI, various Symposiums at the international stages and conferences conducted at the university level. She has designed the curriculum for cybersecurity at the National Law School of India. She is also the American Ambassador in Asia for APWG – Anti-Phishing Working Group.
As an Advisor to Tecplix, her primary focus would be to leverage her global expertise and industry connects to areas like products and services refinement and market reach, within Tecplix.