Custom Applications for the Competitive Edge

Are you differentiating from competition and walking that extra mile for customer delight? Our Smart Apps can help:

Irrelevant of the Industry you are in, smarter customer touch points and better customer experience is a pivotal part of your success. The world is becoming more and more “on-the-go” and reaching the customer through simpler, easy to navigate smart applications is the differentiator you can conceive for your business growth – the faster, the better.

At Tecplix, we understand your business challenges. We would help you to create that “wow!” factor, by transforming your needs into Smart Applications, that can reach millions of potential customers at their finger-tips: A world of immense possibilities through smarter, simpler and faster periphery applications to go hand in hand with your back end ERP and CRM systems.

At a Glance, Tecplix can help you with:

  • Custom Android & IOS Applications
  • Cloud Hosted Applications
  • Custom IoT Application Development
  • Application Management Services
  • Off the Shelf Product Suites: Eazy Audit | Easy Talent | Get-My-Ride and many more…

Our Process

Our comprehensive development strategy ensures increase in customer satisfaction.


Requirements analysis involves frequent communication with system users to determine specific feature expectations, resolution of conflict or ambiguity in requirements as demanded by the various users or groups of users, avoidance of feature creep and documentation of all aspects of the project development process from start to finish.

Energy should be directed towards ensuring that the final system or product conforms to client needs rather than attempting to mold user expectations to fit the requirements.

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Coming up with an efficient Ul/UX design for an app is always a priority for most app owners. This requires thorough research and prior planning in order to understand the needs of your users and the problem you intend to solve with your app. Regardless of your needs, you will have to come up with a design that works

design process


We optimize the complete lifecycle of application development through our dedicated team of developers implementing latest technology and competent expertise. The uniqueness of our application development and support services is our resourcefulness to offer scalable and tailored applications utilizing best tools based on your business challenges and needs.

Outcome is lower cost, minimized risk, higher ROI, retort expertly to market opportunities, supporting your needs in realizing your key strategic business goals.

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Run application testing tools (such as Acunetix) in multiple modes, in ascending intensity, Platform only, Unauthenticated safe, Authenticated full (multiple user levels), Run a vulnerability testing tool to perform platform security testing, Run port scanners, Nessus and any other applicable tools, Manually verify all vulnerabilities for validity and impact, Save all vulnerability results for future reference.

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Planning and estimating in the agile world depend on a single key metric: the development team's velocity, which describes how much work the team can get done per iteration.

Release deadlines are often fixed, imposed externally by such things as tradeshows, accounting pressures, or contractual obligations.

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